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What about teenage girls?


I do appreciate that fashion seems to rule the wardrobe of the girls from a young age and they want to conform to their peer groups which causes much conflict in the shoe shop.


There can be compromises made by insisting on a suitable and sensible shoe / boot for school and allowing the child to choose there weekend or evening wear.  The sticking point usually comes to dolly shoes or pumps.  These should not be worn by any of us for any length of time, particularly if we have foot problems – they deform the toes and they provide no support.


They should NOT be worn as a school shoe.

Children's Footwear Advice (3)

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I do keep a list of shoe shops that have been used by my clients and who have received excellent care and help.  I do not have personal knowledge of these shops so can only list them as examples of shops that you should be looking to visit.


Please e-mail me if you are having difficulty locating a shop in your area and I can forward you the names of any I have in your area.  And if you find a very helpful shop, please let me know so I can pass the information on to other people.

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